Aaron "Frosty" Foster -
Bluegrass Guitar & Vocals with Dreamcatcher
Guitar Instructor 
Director of the Jenny Brook Kids Academy 


"Sam Jocelyn's Ghost" - ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band  

The ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band has done it again! "Sam Jocelyn's Ghost" has made its way into Bluegrass Today's weekly Top 20 chart!

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Opeing Doors - CD Release  

Friday, January 20th at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN, "Opening Doors" will officially be released! The show will start at 8pm! Tickets are $12 at the door, $8 for ETSU Students! The doors will open at 6pm!

The Down Home is located at:
300 W Main St
Johnson City, TN 37604

Debut Album "Opening Doors" 

After releasing the single "Reaping the Blues" the remainder of the album with be released January 20th! The album shall be released under the title "Opening Doors" as this will be sure to open doors leading to new opportunities. This project features guest artists such as Eric & Leigh Gibson, Adam Steffey, Wyatt Rice, Jeremy Fritts, and many more! More news about the album with be revealed in the coming weeks!

"I was touched when Aaron asked Leigh and I to be a part of his project. We have known him for a long time and we are so proud of the musician he has become. I guarantee this: no one loves bluegrass more than Aaron Foster, and the genre is fortunate to have him in its ranks." - Eric Gibson

"I'm very honored that Aaron asked me to be a part of his first record. I can think of no better ambassador for the music we all love and I'm looking forward to watching where he takes it. " - Leigh Gibson

"If this CD was rising ETSU senior Bluegrass Pride Band member Aaron “Frosty” Foster’s undergraduate thesis, he would be graduated with highest honors." - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine (September 2017; Page 44)

"The American Northeast is a fertile growing groun­d for new musicians and singers of bluegrass music; and New York State in particular. The Empire state has contributed such performing giants as banjo player Tony Trischka, the Gibson Brothers, and now...Aaron “Frosty” Foster.

Like many youngsters of the Northeast, Aaron grew up on the area bluegrass festival circuit, and now he's a full-fledged picker, singer and song writer. Plus  he's now brought some of his Yankee talent as a student to the halls of East Tennessee State University!

To top it all off—and at the beginning of what I know will be a fabulous musical adventure—Frosty has now released his first CD: “Opening Doors,” with prominent guest participants including Adam Steffey, Wyatt Rice, and Eric & Leigh Gibson.

This is just the warmup for Aaron Foster. Look for him in many, many bluegrass circles for decades to come!!!"
-Bill Knowlton, “Bluegrass Ramble,” WCNY-FM, Syracuse NY

"If you are fearful that bluegrass music with go by the wayside and wither, be rest assured that as long as folks like Aaron "Frosty" Foster are around and are composing and performing music like Reaping the Blues, bluegrass has a bright shining future." - Harry Moore, Seldom Heard Music, KSMU 91.2 Springfield, MO

"Seeing Aaron Foster at New England Bluegrass festivals over the last 10+ years, you just KNEW that this kid was completely consumed by Bluegrass. Now, Aaron is forging his way into the Bluegrass business through his studies at ETSU, attending as many Bluegrass festivals as possible, playing in several bands, and, of course, recording his first record. It will be fun to see Aaron reap some success in the Bluegrass world!" - Amy Orlomoski, Bluegrass Café, WHUS Radio/ Storrs, CT

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